Hello my Gorgeous Beauties! I'm back!

Hello Beauties,
It's finally a new year, 2020, a fresh start for all of us.
I can finally leave the sense of sadness, and loss behind me.
And embark on the next phase of my life.
I'm sorry I left you in the dark. I'm sorry I've been away.
I was not in a good place for awhile. Even before Amazon.
But they say everything happens for a reason.
What happened... 
I made it my life mission to be good and kind to everyone, to be grateful, and to take care of my family, my readers.
I just wanted everyone to be happy and taken care of.
But I myself was far from it. My mental state and health was neglected... 
The time I've been away from you, I've been on such a journey.
I found out how incredibly wonderful life can be.
I also found out how incredibly unpredictable life can be as well.
Thankfully every ending is a new beginning. 

I love to give my readers a beautiful ending, and I wish for you all just that. 
Thank you for all of your love and support.
I know it often times seems like the world is full of negativity, hate, and trolls.
But there is more love in this world if we open our hearts to it.
There is more beauty in the world when we open our eyes to it.
There is always more good than bad if we allow ourselves to leave the negativity behind us.
With each breathe you are blessed. With each breathe I am blessed. 
We can be whatever we want to be.
If we choose to overlook the bad and cherish the good, we can make this year great.

You, my Beauties can make 2020 and so on whatever you want it to be.
I wish you an incredible year.
Thank you for being my loyal readers, and for being my cheerleaders.
I feel like I need cheerleaders more now than ever before. :)

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best!
R.R. Banks