Uoria Mates IV: Complete Box Set (Books 1 - 10)

Uoria Mates IV: Complete Box Set (Books 1 - 10)

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This is the fourth installment of the BESTSELLING Uoria Mates Series. The huge ensemble of lovable characters from the previous series is back along with new ones!

Scattered across two planets, the Denynso and their allies are driven to pull back together as the beginning of the war rages around them. As the group on Earth tries to escape the laboratory, Eden faces demons from her past and vows to break herself free from Ryan's torment once and for all. What they discover, though, could leave them at his mercy with nowhere to turn.

On Penthos, the reality of the planet around them looms and Maxim is overcome by thoughts of his father and the child soon to be born. They know they can't wait for the others much longer. Damage has already been done and when the hybrids call out Kyven and Maxim, they won't be able to deny them.

This is only the beginning of the ‘Uoria Mates IV’ series, a collection of 10 titles that have all the key romance, action, drama, and suspense ingredients to leave you turning pages and pages of this stellar interplanetary story!

Book 1: The Alien's Return
Book 2: Jacob & Phaedra's Story
Book 3: The Alien Uncovers
Book 4: Loralia & Bannack's Story
Book 5: The Alien's Glimpse
Book 6: Rilex & Severine's Story
Book 7: The Alien's Mystery
Book 8: Jonah & Aubrey's Story
Book 9: The Alien's Lair
Book 10: Azra & Elise's Story